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$100 payout minimum sucks!!!

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Totally agree. 25 would be ok payout sum. I am waiting with my 88 dollars. At least a week with no sales. Then usually few days in a row and again week with no sales. Weir pattern. Give me my money :P!

Zero Talent:
I'm paid every 1.5 months or so. But a smaller payout threshold is better, of course.

And this where the Microstock Forum has lost a lot of its usefulness. There was a time when top tier earnings ratings were legitimate. You can't tell me Stocksy or Self-Hosted are in the top four category. Where does Dreamstime actually rate? They were always in the top six when I first visited this site 10 years ago. If Dreamstime is actually sinking in ratings, there would be time for concern. Personally, Dreamstime and DepositPhotos are my top earners. Regardless, I agree with everyone else. Dreamstime has got to lower their minimum payout level if they don't want to deter contributors from staying on board or joining the agency.

Dreamstime won't go out of business, but 100 is indeed too high considering that even Alamy has $50 threshold which can be reached with single sale.  They do pay you though;  last time I waited (for no specific reason) till balance was ~450 and no problems, they even said "thank you".

In my view largest reason for slow sales is virtually no QA.  Everything is accepted which caused swamp of sub-standard images much larger than elsewhere.   

Jo Ann Snover:

--- Quote from: blvdone on March 07, 2024, 06:37 ---...  It's a flat-out theft of our money.

--- End quote ---

No. It's not.

I completely understand the frustration with the too-high payout threshold - although it was what everybody used back when DT, iStock, CanStock, Shutterstock etc. started.

You signed up with the site when these payment terms were clearly stated - no changes, no subterfuge. Making totally false statements about the agency doesn't help anyone.

I have no idea how DT is still puttering along - it's a shadow of its former self - but during the pandemic, when the loathsome Pavlovsky was cutting royalties at SS, Dreamstime gave a small bonus to contributors. They're not going to make anyone rich, but they are a decent agency.

For a while, Fotolia allowed you to request a payout below the threshold but would then charge a fee, which seems very reasonable as they have to process the payments and that takes someone's time. They need to have some way to avoid getting drowned in nuisance requests.

I've been getting paid regularly by them, but the days of getting a monthly payout from them (for me) are long gone. I think they should drop the payout level and institute payout on account closure with a (small) fee to cover the payout if it's below the minimum. I don't expect that they'll be rushing to do that though :)


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