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« Reply #50 on: June 19, 2012, 07:58 »
I agree that helping the FB crowd understand that good images should be paid for is a step in the right direction. People aren't necessarily going to share images; surely the point of your own profile is its individuality?  Pinterest is another can of worms altogether.

that guy making those cover images is doing them for $20? surely by the time you've emailed your client, explained what you do, got their pic, added in text and other info, it's been an hour? $20/hour is not good money in my 1st world overpriced nation. He probably can't afford to pay for images too. he's selling a lot of branded stuff too, are there issues with that I wonder?

How do you know he's in a 1st world over priced nation? A whois look up of his domain shows he's in Trinidad and Tobago. The exchange rate there on US dollars is $1US -> $6.26 TTD. 20 US dollars may go a lot farther there. Besides, the $20 thing is just a hook. If he does a basic facebook cover for you and you take it as is it's $20. If, however, he shows you a proof and you want to make a change, it's billed extra at probably $20/hour. It's called AA's (Author's Alterations) and it equals cha ching.

« Reply #51 on: June 19, 2012, 11:23 »
What's needed is a radical change in the licensing model and some new technology. Imagine introducing a new embed method to the jpeg image format that allows for scripting (similar to a virus). When someone licenses an image for the web, before they can download they have to enter the domain name it will be posted to and that data is embedded into the jpeg. If someone right clicks the image and tries to post it to pinterest or some other domain, the "virus" kicks in an introduces a corruption into the image data, turning all the pixels black.

That would be cool.

That would be very cool. But I'll bet contributors would be charged $ to have it added to their images.  ::)

It couldn't apply to traditional RF image sales, anyway. It might be nice for RM sales.

« Reply #52 on: June 19, 2012, 19:46 »
I like their initiative, but putting a stock photo at the top of your timeline is incredibly tacky.


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