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Anyone else had a similar experience like me at Dreamstime

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On march i dind't have any sale. On april i have 10 sales for a total this month $ 4.5.  :(
I have 5884 files online. :(


--- Quote from: fotoroad on April 28, 2021, 11:41 --- I think you are not alone, I can not collect minimum from October 2020 with many new uploads :( I think the need change minimum payment to $15.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, the 100$ threshold is ridiculous. They must be sitting on a huge pile of unpaid royalties due to the high payout threshold, and I guess that's what keeps them alive.

To answer the OP's question: just checked and my sales volume is pretty stable the last year with April even being a bit better. I did see a drop in RPD with even 0,12$ commissions passing by.

Bad Robot:
Sadly DT did pretty well compared to previous declines in early 2020 but it all fell apart in late 2020 and thru 2021

Lucky to make $5 per month  :'(


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