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Anyone else had a similar experience like me at Dreamstime

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My earnings have dropped to very low from beginning of 2021- just one or two downloads for each past months. It is really weird...

Anyone else had a similar experience?

WD3 Photography:
I haven't noticed much change in 2021. Sales chug along at less than 10 per month.

Worse than last year, the same trend as in others agencies.

 I think you are not alone, I can not collect minimum from October 2020 with many new uploads :( I think the need change minimum payment to $15. 

Comparing the 1st quarter of 2021 and 2020:
DT sales went up by 40% in my case while almost all other agencies went down.
Go figure ...

So, DT is now in the 4th place with 8% in my sales after AS, SS and IS.


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