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Anyone see it yet?

Awful. Yet another change for the sake of pissing off contributors.

Jo Ann Snover:
I saw it yesterday for the first time. Last week someone else saw it but I still saw the old one.

I noted that it does not remember your prior selections for check boxes of which licenses you will offer. So Sell the rights is always checked, meaning I have to remember to uncheck it each time.

It's also less functional in that you have to wait until it generates the thumbnail to be able to submit - previously you could complete the submission while it showed a small icon in place of the not-yet-generated thumbnail image. Clogs up the workflow IMO

The only improvement I can see - and it's largely unimportant because categories are largely meaningless - is that they've done away with the massively long list of categories and sub-categories in one drop down list so you can pick the major category and select the subcategory from a second drop down. Unless their automatic selection has done something completely insane, I just leave their choices alone.

Perhaps they needed a project to give to an intern? :)

My number one complaint is that the text in the description transfers to the keywords and number two was that it defaults to RF. Before, if I had a batch of editorials, I could click the correct button and it would stay where I want until I change it. I don't have time to go through the keywords AND make sure their AI clicks the correct categories.

My issues with new submission form introduced February 2023:

1. Terribly slow work on Uploads list. Only 10 uploads visible per page, changing page takes exactly 10 seconds for me.
2. Terribly slow load time after I click any image. It takes 9-12 seconds after I submit an image, for a new image to appear.
3. One could try to circumvent this by opening all images in fresh tabs, but new form doesn't remember your previous selection at all. So you lose your choice of licenses, Commercial/Editorial selection etc...
4. The submission form is even bigger than it was before, so I have to scroll down to find the Submit button.

I sent a cranky eMail - here's the reply:

90% of the uploads to Dreamstime are Commercial RF so it makes sense to have that as the default; you simply click on Editorial if the image is Editorial.  When in Unfinished Files, simply turn off “Autofill keywords” and no keywords will be added from the title and description of the image.


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