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Author Topic: DT Views - Newbie Question  (Read 4770 times)

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« on: October 20, 2017, 18:56 »
I have a question about number of views for DT veterans.  I am relatively new (2.5 months) to microstock and photography, but have slowly built up to 178 images on DT.   I think I have done a reasonable job with the titles and key words, but I have no sales and all of my images only show 1 view (My account -> online files page).  Any advice on how to get my images even seen?     

« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2017, 20:49 »
Without seeing your images and keywords, it's hard to say. DT has been doing less and less well as time goes by, so it could just be that you have a very small portfolio in a very large pool of images at an agency with a low volume of sales.

It could be that your keywords aren't as good as you think. It could also be that you have subject matter that isn't in demand. It could be a very high demand subject (ethnically diverse business teams) but there's such a huge supply for that subject that it's hard for new work to get in front of a buyer.

Whatever you do, don't add keywords that don't belong, but look at some similar images and check their keywords to see if you're missing something important - easier for someone just starting.

Do you sell through Shutterstock and Adobe Stock? If not, put your work there and see how things go. Both those sites have a better volume of sales and will give you some point of comparison.


« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2017, 22:23 »
Jo Ann has given you excellent advice, Flashy.

I've been on Dreamstime for 7-8 years, with 1708 images there now, and my experience is this: I get tons and tons of views with relatively few downloads.

On the other hand, I often make a higher royalty per sale when those rare downloads come in.

For me, Dreamstime is a very mixed bag. It's in third place of three sites (SS, AD/FT, and DT) and I don't knock myself out to upload new work there, as I do with SS and AD/FT. But I've never gotten so mad at them that I pulled my stuff out, either, as I did with iStock in 2011 and (temporarily) Fotolia in its pre-Adobe days.

You're just getting started. Keep uploading, follow Jo Ann's advice, and see how it works out for you in a couple of years.
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« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2017, 01:35 »
I find the views stats meaningless there I have some with thousands and no sales. Its just very slow for most with the occasional spurt (of one or two sales).

« Reply #4 on: October 21, 2017, 16:43 »
Thank everyone for your feedback. 

Jo Ann, thanks for your input.  I have been using the Microstock Keyword Tool along with my additional keywords, so maybe it just takes time.  I started with Shutterstock (2.5months ago) and have set weekly goals for image production/uploading/etc.  I have now built up 350 images / vectors.  Have received 14 downloads there, but none on DT (1 month there).  I also started with Adobe Stock, but still early days there.  Looks like a tough business, but still fun to learn about and see what I can do. 


« Reply #5 on: October 28, 2017, 15:14 »
Listen To JoAnn. DT many years ago was a very good site, But those were the days when we all did very well. a 100 DL's a day was common and got Boring. then the Influx of HUGE numbers of newbies with Bushy Tails wagging. My Friend, Heres the Bottom Line. Your Gonna need thousands And I mean 1000's of very High Useful commercial Value Images that haven't been done to death and With 150 million in competition Thats gonna be hard....VERY hard and Just SS took 1.7 Million Just last week. we all think thats a joke and killing sales and It is.......BUT the smart Players and the inventive Players are doing Just Fine and you'll never hear them complain Because they have this figured out Or......More figured out than the rest. In My experienced view doing stock since the late 60's It is Not about anything else than "CONTENT"...."CONTENT"...."CONTENT" period if ya break it down.
I have friends that do Pretty Darn well with not Much Because they 100% understand Commercial Value and How to do Lifestyle well, To them it's a job and they do the work, they research constantly...whos doing what and how, then they put there twist on it..99% of all newbies Ports I've seen in 6 Months and I do Look is filled with Ordinary snapshots that anyone can do and have been done to death. Im seeing stuff we all shot 10 Years ago. and...AS Said By just about everyone what there accepting Now is outrageous.

When I joined RF Micro 13+ years ago sites had 200,000 Images and we thought  That was HUGE was never gonna be 150 million. when i joined SS they had 127,000 and headquarters was above a dress shop in Lower Manhattan or something and Jon and a lady named Cora were the reviewers. Cora was and still is one of the best folks out there. I reviewed for a competitor.....

So....the folks doing the work are winning. we who are whining are Losing.......A lot of us come from the days of Just submit whatever and it will sell.....It did, But doesn't any More. Work smarter , Not Harder. Thats My advice and show a link to your port....We won't Bite....To hard.

I was with 39 sites in My time.90% are gone, Im doing 6 Now and Luckily RF has never accounted for more than 25% of My expenses doing Photography full time even in the good years. Get a good strong port and diversify . Theres a lot you can do. I've seen some sloppy Players that do pretty well because they are go for it types. which very few are especially In the arts.>>

Theres Millions of great artists,painters,Musicians,photographers,actors,dancers that will never be seen because of the Non Go for it attitude and Missing the Key promotion/attitude  skills. I've seen it a 1000 times .True.

« Reply #6 on: October 28, 2017, 20:51 »
Another thing to keep in mind is that each site is somewhat different.  I find that DT is not as good for selling generic RF stock photos, but does tolerably well for editorial and travel shots.

It is number 4 for me, out of 6 I contribute to.   It is also the easiest to upload to, so I don't mind giving them everything I have.   They also have the easiest acceptance policy, so I have about 2800 there, compared to about 2000 at SS. 


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