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The Dreamstime levels system

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I can't contribute to statistical statements because my portfolio like everywhere else is relatively small, and because I don't have that many level 5 files.

But a few things stand out:

1. I have images that haven't had a single download, but are already at level 1. I don't know why that is. I also haven't checked how many there are.

2. Level 5 pictures: On average, I find that a high level is much more noticeable for vector files in the RPD than for photos, renderings and other CGI images. There is one exception: one vector file only earned $34 from 35 downloads, i.e. an RPD of less than $1 - the rest are significantly higher. For normal images, the best ones are in the $2 RPD range, but there aren't that many.

Sorry, missing screenshot...

I haven't looked at the fine print, but basically all images start at level 1, if there are no sales after a certain time (6 mo?) thye drop to level 0. For sub sales - which are 90+ percent of all sales at DT it makes no difference anyway, but for other sales the cost goes up with higher levels and more importantly the % that the artist gets from sales of higher level images goes up with higher levels. For a while higher level subs sales cost more sub credits and paid higher, that is no longer the case.

The reason that they say a variable number of credits is because the cost varies based on the size of the image they sell. Also the $ amount is highly variable because the cost of credits varies wildly based on how big of a credit pack is purchased - and if it is purchased with a discount.

The # of sales to go up a level has dropped a lot through the years, but any benefit from this has been more than offset by the change from 50% for the artist to much less - 25% to 45% now.


--- Quote from: pancaketom on January 22, 2024, 12:07 ---I haven't looked at the fine print, but basically all images start at level 1, if there are no sales after a certain time (6 mo?) they drop to level 0.

--- End quote ---

That sounds like a plausible explanation. Thank you!

Checking your statement, I just realized that almost 50% of my images at DT have no download. That's by far the worst rate of all the agencies!

But not much happens there anyway. I'll just let it continue...

In the old days the levels system made a big difference but nowadays almost all sales are subs where the levels are irrelevant.  My last credit sale was in October where a level 2 sale netted me $3.45.  Unfortunately those are rare nowadays.  What I really hate is allowing TIFF downloads with subs - those should be limited to the smaller sizes to encourage credit sales.


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