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What are the usual video royalties on DT?

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Just wondering what most people get paid for individual video sales on DT? I tried to find the info on their site but could only find prices for customers. It looks like they offer video subscriptions these days so I guess the royalties would be pretty low. However, I have been getting some low priced video sales on AS lately and a little bit of that on P5. Would DT be any better or the same or worse with regards to video? I hope they're not as bad as SS who give videos away for less than $1.

In 2022 I had over all agencies 360 video sales -> 2 of those sale were at DT with $3,70 each for me.


--- Quote from: JustAnImage on March 18, 2023, 17:35 ---2 of those sale were at DT with $3,70 each for me.

--- End quote ---

Oh darn, that's low. But still higher than my last two video sales from AS.

I know I'm getting desperate considering DT for video but times are tough.

It can be anything from $3-4 to $28. My latest sale was $8.59 for a lvl 0 sale of that video.

But video sales are so infrequent that it's hardly relevant. Most of my (image) sales are $0.35 subscription.

In the microstock poll results, why does istock no longer appear in the top 3 even though its rating is higher than DT?


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