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Mavic 2 Pro review for photographers


Mavic 2 Pro in-depth photography review

I would certainly recommend a Mavic Pro 2 for still photography. The centre of the frame is about as sharp as you would get if taking a photo using a APSC sensor sized hand held camera. The edges are alot softer though but nothing that would stop an agency refusing the files, also keep the ISO low.
If you are stuck with making new imagines, along with having fun it makes sense to get one. I'd say aerial shots are in my top 3 categories of images sales.
Never taken one video with it, can just never find an emotional connection to video like I do with a still image, so have no interest in video.
I would say expect to probably send it back at least once for repair during the first 12 months which will probably cost around 300 and expect to download / change software versions a few times as sometimes updates have strange effects such as making sensors malfunction....


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