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Title: PAL vs NTSC camcorder, 50p vs 60p value
Post by: tunafish on March 19, 2012, 08:17
I am in the market for a camcorder.
I am eyeballing the reviews from the announced Panasonic and Sony camcorders on CES 2012.

The Sony CX760V looks really interesting with the new "Balanced Optical Steady Shot"
But I am mainly interested in both brands because of their AVCHD formats, able to shoot HD 1080 @ 60 frames per second.
I am shooting sports and 60p is great as a base for slow motion etc.

BUT, I am in Europe so living in the PAL side of the pond, which is... 50fps.
All camcorders here 50p.

Now I am thinking to get my new cam from B&H, they ship internationally and make you a quote on checkout including shipping, import taxes, VAT,..
So I did check it out and for the $1500 camcorder I pay $2200 to ship to Italy.

Now my question is if you think the $700 extra is worth it?
Does stock video shot at 60p make more sales than 50p, in an international market??

Any thoughts very welcome.
Title: Re: PAL vs NTSC camcorder, 50p vs 60p value
Post by: PeterChigmaroff on March 19, 2012, 09:04
Everyone starting video seems to ask these questions. From my limited knowledge, 30fps is the de facto standard. 60 fps slo-mo is a gimmick and doesn't do much for sales but does impress your friends.