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1 year lock time.

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For people who didn't notice,
according to TOS

For images uploaded after '04/15/2011': Once an Image is uploaded, FeaturePics can sell licenses for 360 days. The Image may not be withdrawn during this period.

I don't sell there that much to justify 1 year lock.

Why does it matter? You're already locked into DT for 6 months. What's another 6, unless you have short-term plans to go exclusive or get out of microstock altogether?

A year is a needlessly long time to lock an image especially with a tier 3 micro.

Yep too long, 6 months is too long in my opinion.  Especially with their clauses that they can do ANYTHING they want and you can't leave, I would be cautious about using any site that has a lock in period.  Things can change fast here.

Any lock is too long. We own the images and shouldn't be locked into anything.


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