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Actually sold one on FeaturePics!!!


I started uploading to FeaturePics about a week ago and with over a hundred images listed at $5.00 apiece, I'm happy to say I actually made a sale!!!!  It's pretty nice to get $3.50 commission for an image!

I remember reading previous posts about their upload process being difficult -- its now super quick and easy!  For those of you still on the fence about submitting to them, you may want to take another look (says the woman flush with victory over her $3.50 sale)

Congratulations, yes, if you have a sale, it is exciting. But that is exciting,apart from the high commission, because it is an unusual event :-)

I sold three images this month at FP.  Given that I had sold two in September and one every month before that, it's a steady positive trend.  :)


Not to mention one sale there equals 17 at iStock


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