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Any Sales Recently?

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When logged in at FP clicking “manage portfolio” and then at the upper left side of the page you see “My FTP”.
There’s the info you need for your FTP upload program. It works with Filezilla.
Once I had problems with the FTP uploading too, when I send them an email the problem was quickly solved.

Using Filezilla, uploading and submission is easy. Mostly I do a lot of images uploading (in the background when in between doing other work) at once. Barely any rejections and fast help when having problems. Sometimes I had a sale in the past.
Lately the site seems to come alive (at least for me) and now I ‘m having regular sales there.
123RF was also slow with sales when starting there, but they seem to grow fast now, giving me monthly payouts. Who knows what will happen to FP?

I dumped them a few years ago.  Not a single sale.  They wouldn't close my account after several requests so I changed all my prices to a $1,000,000 each and within a few days they deleted my account.

Microstock Man:
Thanks everyone, much appreciated :)

[email protected]:

--- Quote from: jm on June 06, 2012, 01:15 ---
 Much better earner than Cutcaster...

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Really bad example though, my grandmother standing on a corner can sale more than CC...Featurepic, I have close to 800 photos with them, 1 payout since 2008 at the beginning of this year :'(, but they do sale from time to time fair wages, Elena is in my top list as an great administrator/customer service person, very easy to upload too site, fast reviews, and for some reason her 50% commission IMO is worth supporting...  


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