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Any Sales Recently?

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Usually 2 - 3 downloads / month - from 0,35 to 5 USD (vector). 

I'm not sure what to think about FP - they haven't change images on homepage since I started uploading there (one year ago), they took two weeks off last summer...  It doesn't look like serious business to me. Much better earner than Cutcaster but if it's worth it - I don't know.

Microstock Man:
They took two weeks off!!!??? What on earth!!  ;D

I've made $22 since March.  12 sales.  Not much but it adds up over many years and they've been around for a long time now.  Check their new images lock in, I think it's 90 days now but I'm not sure.

I'm sure it's a site run on a tight budget with little spent on marketing but unlike some that have come and gone, they're still here and the 50% commission is nice.

2010, 4 sales for $10.50
2011, 3 sales for $2.80
2012, 7 sales for $8.50

Sales from $0.35 to $4 at 50% commission
RPDL over all sales $1.48, second highest of all the sites I contribute to after Veer

I stopped uploading for a while because I could only get 2 or 3 to go at a time and ftp didn't work, plus I had no sales for ten months from May 2011 through Feb 2012.  I've had from 1-3 sales per month starting this March and started uploading again with now more than 570 images.  With ftp working, easy uploading, fast and reasonable reviews it doesn't take much additional time to keep them in the workflow.  I like supporting a site with 50% commissions and may get a payout in the next year or so (assuming they last that long).  Not sure if the recent uptick in sales is due to marketing or a small-sample statistical anomaly, but I hope it continues.

Upload is very easy, especially if you don't have releases, essentially FTP plus one click per image (assuming they are all photos).

Sales are not great, but they keep ticking along, my best year was 2010 w/ a number of EL sales, they were actually my #2 earner one month! Lately it varies from a few bucks to lower double digits per month - not great, but probably on par for effort with some of the other little guys (I got more on FP last month than on Stockfresh in 11 months).

Based on my guess of their expenses (low) and the fact that they do continue to have sales I think they will not fold suddenly. I certainly wouldn't want to count on them for my income, but once I have the images produced I think it is worth uploading there in my down time.


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