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Anyone uploading here?

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a sale every coupla months - gave up on them long ago


--- Quote from: cascoly on June 02, 2013, 12:14 ---a sale every coupla months - gave up on them long ago

--- End quote ---

Same here: hardly any sales and silly rejections reasons. Not worth spending time there.

I still submit there. Uploads are easy, rejections very rare and I want to support a site that pays 50% royalties. Downloads are slow, but certainly on par with the other low sites.  I will continue as long as uploading is easy and hope it picks up.

Same for me. Upload is easy and fast. Few rejections, and about one sale per month. I continue uploading there.

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Featurepics= RIP!...YEAH I KNOW, Elena is great, easy uploading, fast reviews, minimum to none rejections, fair commission, but getting a sale there even though I have close to 1,000 pics on the site, is like pulling teeth. I stop uploading a couple of months ago and won't pull my complete portfolio just because I've been with them for such a long time, not because is worth uploading anything there if you want to sale your photos. What a shame!!!


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