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Anyone uploading here?

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thank you elena, this has been handled, as I said in two of my emails today. I did not get any emails until today and then they all showed up in both accounts. I get a great deal of mail daily in both, so I don't think the problem was on my end. I keep my spam folder cleaned out.  The # actually isn't wrong, I had just traded phones with my wife who you spoke with and got my # where you left a vm.

As stated in one of my emails, I only have 2 msgs in my correspondence box, the original welcome msg from way back and a tax msg re 2012. It shows 1 unread msg, but I don't see any way to see it or delete the current msgs. My only option is reply.

Thanks again for recreating my ftp folder which is how the problem got resolved.

FTP not working again and the web based uploader still doesn't work

Beppe Grillo:
I have stopped to upload to them, and closed my account.


--- Quote from: Beppe Grillo on June 01, 2013, 00:23 ---I have stopped to upload to them, and closed my account.

--- End quote ---

Same here.

     Haven't  uploaded  lately.  No  view  -  no  sales.  Port will  stay  -  can  always  hope  things  will  get  better.


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