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Thought I'd put a few up there since they are still doing better than istock with nothing new for a couple of years. FTP wouldn't work at all and the web based uploader crapped out if I tried to upload more than one pic.

I still upload to them.  Slow sales but 50% royalties and usually fast reviews.  They're nowhere near iS, but have picked up a little the past few months.  The multiple-image uploader usually doesn't work well with more than 2 or 3 at a time.  I use ftp - no problems that I can remember (it's been a few weeks since I uploaded anything there).  I would try ftp again - maybe something wasn't set right.

Do you use the default directory they list under My FTP? I don't have my old config for ftp. If I try to upload without the directory, I get access denied. If I try to connect with it, I get, can't access that directory.

A week later and the only response from support is there is a test image in my new files area. Been there for several days. Unless they think that 'proved' it worked, I don't know the purpose. Tried to upload 2 images yesterday via html and it errored out, so I guess I'll continue to not upload anything to them.

Hello Darryl!
I answered you 01 Feb, 03 Feb, left you a message in your correspondence box, tryid to call you (the phone number is wrong).
Today I resent my messages to your 2 email accounts. Please check out your junk box.
I was answering you to your msn account (today - to msn and gmail).
I uploaded a test image into your account 01 Feb without problems.
You can leave me your correct phone number in your correspondence box - I will call you.
Thank you, Elena,


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