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Featurepics accepting eps files


similar upload procedure to StockXpert

FTP  file.eps + file.jpg (not zipped) at same time

Unfortunately they are NOT selling them YET just accepting uploads they are waiting until they have a few. I am hoping they think up a way up of uploading eps files for existing jpegs.

one very cool point you set the price and the eps file is only available at the top price so you won't be giving them away as I fear will be the case at BigStock.

as an example a 9 mp rasterized eps file selling for $5

So you can either sell the eps or full size version for $5 (your cut 70% $3.50)

or allow resizing so full size 9mp or eps for $5
5 mp for $3
3 mp for $2.30
600 x 800 93c

Read all about them in my guide


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