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Has anyone else looked at at all? 

I submitted some last night - it was kind of fun because the reviewer was reviewing as I submitted.  Anyway, you set your own price and you are paid 70%.  I set all of mine to $1.  There seems to be quite a bit of traffic there, but it may just be other photographers coming over from MicroStockForum where they're featured this week.

One thing I thought was strange - other photographers were setting prices at like $30+ for royalty free use rights.  It doesn't seem to me that any buyer would pay this amount when they can go to the other sites and pay a much lower price and have such a larger collection to choose from.  Am I missing something?

I haven't heard ofthem.. but will check them out.

a link for those wanting a link

Yeah i dunno if there would be much sales for $30 images when they are beside a $1.00, or on other sites for $1.00. I do know however that alamy sells RF images for $250-$500.. and the quality is the same as many micro stock shots.  I am not sure why people would go to alamy.  I guess it is what people are used to or where they can find what they are looking for.  People probably have their favorite places to shop.....

but that still doesn't explain why a $30 image would sell on a site that is usually selling for $1.00

However.. after all that is said.
I have priced my 'print' images on fotolia for $2.00, and I think i am glad i have done so.  I have gotten quite a few $2.00 sales there.  My thought was that if people want the image $1.00 or $2.00 isn't going to make a differance at all.

It looks a little slow there... or like they don't have very many pics.. but if someone has some images there, I would be interested in hearing how it is going. 

after a little more checking....

on the flip side, one thing that I think is a good idea, that other micros haven't done, is an image collection.  This seems like a good idea.

I would be interested in hearing if you get any downloads from there.


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