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Featurepics now does resizing

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I think Gracy has had a payout.  It would be an ideal site if you can drive sales to them due to the high payout.

Setting different prices for different sizes seems like a lot of extra work. Does it really make a difference to the customer? I mean for the price ranges usually involved here, I have a difficult time believing the consumer is not willing to spend, say $3.00 for a picture no matter what the size? If the difference is between $100 and $20, okay. But for just a few dollars, what's the difference?


I have just uploaded some 2MPix images at US$2.00 and the reduced size (800x600) is US$1.00. 

Curiously the price for 800x600 downsized version of a 3Mpix image at US$2.00 is US$0.70. 

So price is set not according to a size range, but to comparison with the original size.  How odd. 



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