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Greg Boiarsky:
Does anyone here sell RM images through Featurepics?  Have you had a RM sale?

I have about 30 images as RM at feature pics

Never sold one but I had only 3 or 4 sales there since november.
Also the images I have there are not the best sellers in the world, so I don't expect much from them.
I've uploaded them because They also are as RM in some other place and since they don't have exclusivity I've gave them a try. Also they are the only images at FP from Cape Verde Islands, so maybe I'll get some sales later in the future. Hope so...  ;)

They sent a site mail about changes in the RM/RME pricing.  Does anyone know what changed?


I had the same message but did not noticed any changes

Has anyone had an RM sale with them yet?  I would have thought they could do well with these but for some reason the site doesn't seem to have picked up in popularity.  I would consider having some RM photos with them if there was some chance of sales.


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