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I just tried a search on FP, and found a strange behavior.

From the home page search box :
I typed "dollar" : only irrelevant results
I typed "red car" : the same irrelevant results

From the "advanced search" page :
I typed "dollar" : only the first page with relevant results. Next pages are all irrelevant images. Same behavior for other searches.

I don't know since when it's been like that, but I didn't have a single sale in the last month.

I contacted FP about it. Waiting for an answer.


I just tried searching 'cat' and after 12 pages I gave up, plenty of clocks, beaches, flowers, and even penguins; but definately no cat!

I am guessing their search engine has retired??

I also haven't seen a single sale this month, let us know if you get a reply to your e-mail.


Don't they like cats?  I tried "dog" and there are loads of them.  Has their search caught this from FT :)

Still no answer to my mail from FP, but it seems they have fixed their search engine now.

Quick and efficient !

Lol - the cats are back in force!

They must have all been out on the tiles ;-)

Well done in fixing the search problem FP, now how about fixing the lack of sales, please :-)


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