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Kerning in the FeaturePics logo - does it make sense?

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It reads "FeaturePi c s" with added spacing between the letters i, c and s, and I simply can't figure out whether this is merely the result of bad kerning or if it was intended. I'm very curious to know if anyone gets why it was done this way ?

This is their former logo, as you may remember

PS. Please do not discuss sales performance or other non-related matters here  ;)

I can have a good guess.
The logo started out spread across two lines and Pics was spaced wider to balance the two words.
Also explains why the graphic is so small, it was on the line with just "Pics".
Then they moved the lot to one line without adjusting the kerning.

Yeah, that's kind of weird looking. Looks like a mistake.

Design C h o i c e


--- Quote from: SC on November 28, 2012, 11:59 ---Design C h o i c e

--- End quote ---

More like DesignCh o i c e  :)

Microbius, that makes sense! Except it would still require even spacing between letters P and i


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