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FP was dead for months, then I had two sales in Sep, one in Oct and one this month. It may not seem much, but sometimes it means more $ than 123RF or Scanstock. 

I wonder if someone has been experiencing new activity?

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Not here!

a few sales per month during recent 3 months -> I've reached my 2nd payout in 3 years of submitting to FP ...

last month was pretty good for FP (better than bigstock which isn't saying a whole lot). This month started with an EL - something over 40$ for me (getting 50% is nice), which is nice. I hope this continues, but it is sporadic enough there that I can't really tell if it is a trend or just a few lucky hits.

I just wanted to start a new thread about it. Last few months I sold more than last 2 years.


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