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Did you make any sales through Flickr?

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EXCELLENT  bulb pics!


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I think I need to amend my previous comment on this topic. I'm seeing greater volume of referred buyers coming into StockFresh, and the only place I'm linking to SF in any significant way is flickr. To date I've referred 24 buyers to SF, and often times the days I see sales of my own images at SF are the same days when I see referral earnings.

There is definitely a connection between my SF earnings on the rise and the increase in flickr activity.

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its about time to direct them to your website ;D

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I don't think I'll ever see enough sales volume at my own website to make it worthwhile. I'm back to spending more on my site than it brings in. It needs a major overhaul, updates, and maybe then I'll start linking to it again. Right now it's just sort of in limbo while I try to find the time to get it set up right.


--- Quote from: phildaint on March 02, 2013, 19:01 ---i have been contacted twice via different news agencys to use my pictures in the national press which also had some nice payouts!

first publucation


from a similar set

Flickr hasn't worked out too bad for me tbh... ;D

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phildaint:your works are amazing,how do you get these done?cool
how did you light the front vew?using flash,torch? :)


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