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I don't see a link to my stats in Flickr menu anymore. Was this feature discontinued or does it have anything to do with my Pro account being over?

I thought Pro account was just about extended storage (until they banned the 200-image limit last year) and the ability to replace an image.

Under Settings, there is a link "Repurchase Pro", I get a screen saying "Even more Spectaculr - Go ad-free! Make your Flickr experience 100% photos, 0% Ads", but then they say this is not available in Brazil. There is no other link for anything merely "Pro". And in a link they explain:

"As of May 20, 2013, we are no longer offering Flickr Pro.

If you have purchased your Pro in Brazil, be aware that the recurring Pro subscription option is not available.

All Flickr Pro members in Brazil will remain Pro until the expiration date of their subscription retaining all the original benefits. Also, Pro members will be able to enjoy the upgraded photo and video size limits offered with our new free account.

Since all the benefits of your Flickr Pro account will be fully maintained until the expiration date of your subscription no refunds will be applicable for Flickr Pro accounts purchased in Brazil.

We’re currently working on making our new paid options available to our Brazilian users."

So now. What have I lost??


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