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Should I join Getty Images on Flickr?

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Jo Ann Snover:
There are many people who have run into Getty's tight control of the Flickr group and either been banned or left as a result:


You can read one ex-Getty/Flickr photographer's thinking about this as an option here


Click Images:
Thanks for your thoughts everyone.  I appreciate tapping into all of your experience.



i have stopped uploadin. To getty/flickr. I find no set criteria for their images curation. The images which are certain to perform well are not selected and others are selected which dont sell well. I would prefer to go to getty through istock than flickr as at least i can remove my images from IS voluntarily. More over getty/flickr's similar rules are applied km both footage and stills. So the video similar to your getty images can not be sold elsewhere. Further i get timely response from istock support my questions. There is no guarantee that you will get a reply from flickr/getty. I was lucky enough to get their response after 2 months.
My biggest problem is stealing of my images in flickr. When ever i put my images in flickr they as spread most widely through out the world with or without my watermark and getty/flickr never move a single finger to stop that. So for me bye bye to getty/flickr. I have left the images with it once submitted and not submitting any New image.


--- Quote from: ShadySue on October 18, 2013, 14:38 ---
--- Quote from: melastmohican on October 18, 2013, 14:27 ---Isn't their definition of similar broad enough to include all photos from same session?

--- End quote ---
Yes, and their definition of 'same session' is also surprisingly broad.

--- End quote ---

Doesn't it encompass the same location at different times and the same subjects at different times, with the final decision about whether images taken five years apart are "similar" resting entirely with Getty?

If  you have 20 good shots of a subject and they accept one, then the other 19 become worthless.

Also, my undertanding of the contract was that cancelling it would not free the images: Getty would no longer be able to license them, but neither could you because it might infringe on some deal Getty had made in the past. Presumably the same logic applies to "similars". I might be wrong about this and I'm not going to waste time reading the contract but it is definitely something to watch out for.

Raw Pixel:
Are 20% royalties enough for you to give up all the commercial rights to those images? I think its clear who really benefits from this arrangement.


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