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Author Topic: Figma acquired by Adobe  (Read 3772 times)

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« on: September 21, 2022, 03:55 »

Well, I don't like that few big companies are able to buy all competition and practically own everything that matters online, forcing their own terms. I think that can't be good for anybody.

But regarding our work, I am wondering is this partially a reason why Adobe needs PNGs? And what will this mean for us? Maybe new market, which is nice, but I am wondering for which price and under what terms, especially when I saw new Terms of Use for contributors today.


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Adobe shares plumeted something like 16% when it happened? (sorry can't find the details right now). The market really thought they overpaid apparently.
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Adobe shares plumeted something like 16% when it happened? (sorry can't find the details right now). But the market really thought they overpaid apparently.

Yeah, I was surprised to see that too, but I don't know much about stock market and economy. So... maybe JoAnn will know better, as she usually does.

« Reply #3 on: September 21, 2022, 09:10 »
Yeah, don't worry... it bounced back today. I'd imagine it might have been the initial reaction until the traders etc knew exactly what it meant. Once they did, catch it on the bounce and make more money. Who knows, but ultimately, it will head back up and exceed where it left off. As markets do.
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It comes down to the fact that it was ok to buy figma but not for the price they paid. That got investors worried.

« Reply #6 on: September 21, 2022, 15:43 »
It sure would be nice if they dropped 20 billion on their contributors - even if the market did think it was too much.

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In addition to rumors that the US justice department is planning to sue to stop the Figma acquisition, Bloomberg says that the EU will launch a probe into it as well.


"The purchase is a massive bet that more creative work will be done by small businesses and everyday users on the web, a market that Figma has rapidly seized. While Adobe has introduced less-expensive, streamlined products for that audience, most of its offerings are still heavyweight programs aimed at specialists."


"Regulators in the European Union will launch a probe into Adobes $20 billion purchase of design start-up Figma, Bloomberg reported on Monday, marking the latest antitrust investigation into the massive merger as regulators continue to crack down on a series of multi-billion-dollar tech acquisitions, including against Amazon and Google."


Edited 7 Aug to add link to Reuters story that the EU confirmed what Reuter's reported in July


Adobe's statement: "We remain confident in the merits of the case as Figma's product design is an adjacency to Adobe's core creative products and Adobe has no meaningful plans to compete in the product design space"
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