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Title: Strange Search Results
Post by: HalfFull on July 25, 2019, 05:27
After a rather quite week at AS, long periods of nothing which wasn't the norm I decided to do a check of the usual search phrases for which I know where my images would appear... just to see how they're ranking. I do this behind a masked VPN network to avoid any influencing of image position.

Anyway, where I'd normally see quite a few of my images on the 1st and second pages there were only 1-2. However, when I got to the bottom of page 3 all my images started to appear... like all of them and this continued through to page 6. Between the bottom of page 3 to the end of page 4 I had some 74 images in one go. It continued on afterwards easing after page 5/6. It sort of looked like my own website  :D

So, has anyone else seem this happening to them. I've let support know as it is likely the result of a tweak to the algorithm that hasn't worked out as intended. Can't imagine they'd intentionally do that but how knows.