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Title: Trouble changing email on Fotolia...I don't understand...
Post by: sweetgirll on March 04, 2013, 21:33
HI guys,
I tried to change my email. So I login in the account, and I change the email. I get an email for confirmation that says:

" Please confirm the Fotolia account you recently created by clicking this link....".
and "...Once confirmed, you will have full access to Fotolia's..." so on and so forth , like they are welcoming a new account...

Okay, thats weird they use the words "recently created", and  I'm a contributor for a few years, is not like it was yesterday? is that the canned message they use for contributors? Have you ever changed your email there?

Another thing that suprises me is that the SS numbers  shows in full...I wish they changed that.