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Author Topic: Im ...after 13 years getting the feeling....  (Read 37060 times)

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Clair Voyant

« Reply #75 on: December 13, 2017, 10:00 »
Less than 3 years...yeah, I felt the same way when I was in this less than 3 years. I was making thousands each month and every year my earnings went up. Talk to us in another 3 years.
the least productive thing I could do is get on here and complain.

Yet here you are...

New Flash- He is not complaining at all, quite the opposite he is being very positive and optimistic. It is only your sour puss mood, negativity, and overall bitterness (which is normal) that is trying to bring him down.



« Reply #76 on: December 13, 2017, 12:15 »
Some guy over att SS points out that European photographers gets an effective Dl time of 5-6 hours then theyre cut-off giving room for all the Americans. I can personally easily see some sort of a pattern there!..OTOH Laurin living in Vegas also complain over falling sales??

One thing is sure I wouldnt want to try and build some sort of future with todays Micro agencies.

Laurin isn't in Vegas, and SS doesn't cut off European photographers to make Americans more money. Where do you come up with these off the wall claims?

check this post saved from Alamy forums
Quote from: christain58
"Well for starters, no way are you going to make a living here alone, this is not the sort of place for that ( with respects). I know a heck of a lot of people making a living in micro and Im not talking about the, MSG bunch, thats all mouth and no money ( yeah I also used to be there but it gave a bad rep ). I also know lots of people, including myself making a solid living in the Getty RM house collection."

But you come back again and again.


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