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Just wondering how much all-time people have made from this.  By that I mean every single microstock agency/macrostock agency online that people have submitted pictures to. 

Thats like asking a woman her age!!

I have only been doing it for 2 months so not much.  Still waiting on my first payout from all sites.

I thought I should say before other people post that I'm sorry if this post offends anyone in any way.  Its not my intention.

CJ, do you regularly see large download numbers?

yeah, i guess i would agree with CJphoto, people are generally somewhat reserved about giving out their earnings.

I would be willing to offer however that I am recieving over a payout from dreamstime and istock/month and a healthier payout from shutterstock/month.

However, despite getting regular checks every month it is still not that much considering what is possible, and what the top earners make.  I am still hoping to get there someday.

In that case, in a somewhat less personal and more general question, what do top earners make?


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