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canva 11,95 unlimited


canta is giving away all istok collection for 11,95 dollar month.....i always said and believe firmly that getty is number one enemy for micro, and the one who killed the market, they simply are trying to dumping all market, selling for peanuts photos just to kill as and shutter for those penney you are receiving each month you are killing your business. think again next time you decide to upload items for getty.
they are killing your library earning.

I stop uploading almost one year ago to getty or istock or whatever ....

Sean Locke Photography:''good-news''-from-canva/msg541373/?topicseen#new

Shutterstock and Adobe should prohibit contributors from participating in subscribed unlimited uploading photos to their collection, but now that I think about it, istock must have banned its contributors many years ago from participating in subscription sites like shutter and adobe.


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