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Change the Big 5s?

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I don't know if it's only me, but StockXpert would fit in the Big 5s more than 123RF, wouldn't it?


agreed.  ;)

agree too  :)

Regarding downloads, for me SX has slightly more, but in terms of revenues it's about the double.  So yes, I agree... in a sense: the 'Big 5' list bothers me (right now I experience a 'Big 2'), I would prefer to have the list of the top 10 legit and dynamic stock sites, with a reevaluation once in a while.  My list would include:

SS - IS - FL - DT - SX - BS - 123rf - FP - CS - LO

my 2 cents

Yep, I pretty much have just a Big 2 for now as well - IS and SS. DT and StockXpert are starting to come on, but until I get a payout every month I question whether they're worth it.  8)

I also nominate SX to be in the top 5... no questions about it!  ;D


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