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I see one of my photos on today newspaper but...

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but they didn't give me an extended licence! The newspaper claims more than 700000 prints. I've noticed the photo was bought at SS by subscription and my royalty was standard 0.25$. What do you suggest me to do now?

good question and good point!
here is a quote from shutterstock terms of service

--- Quote ---d)
    In CD or DVD cover art, magazines, newspapers, books, , book covers, textbooks, editorials provided that the manufacturing or print run of such CDs or DVDs, magazines, newspapers, etc. does not exceed two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) copies in the aggregate;
--- End quote ---

so obviously they have overstepped their bounds.  I would contact shutterstock and hope for the best.  They SHOULD contact the newspaper.

I spent 2 hours in a book shop the other day and was amazed at how many fiction books use stock images. Less than 10% credit the photographer.

Not sure what the sales are like in your country, but in Australia, a best seller can be lucky to sell 25,000 copies

ya kinda sad, there should be a standing rule the photog gets credited

This is the final answer from SS:
"... As the same image appears on a number of other microstock agencies (e.g.,, we are unable to conclude that the photo in question was
downloaded from Shutterstock. ... "

very sad because I had only 2 downloads of that photo. I have wrote this to SS in my first complaint:
"The photo was used on the newspaper to comment a article from another
major italian financial newspaper "il Sole 24 ore": it was a research
over quality of life in italian cities and Siena results the winner. Well this research was
published the 18 of December on "il Sole 24 ore": so the same day
someone bought my photo of Siena from ShutterStock and published it on
our newspaper the day after. For this reason I don't think the photo
was bought at StockXpert the 11 of December, because the research
wasn't published yet."

But they seem don't matter about this. very sad :(


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