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Istock Confusion


Hi, I have no idea whats going on.  I always use deepmeta for uploading. I when prompted in deepmeta I clarify the keywords that come up for additional clarification.
Today I noticed in ESP that my reviewed/accepted files still show those keywords in red  because it doesn't recognize the word and is asking for clarification!  This is on hundreds of files that have been uploaded for months!
I investigated further by looking for these images in my istock portfolio. those keywords do not show.
Additionally, when I view my portfolio it doesn't appear that all my accepted images display.  For instance, I have 3 images of New York University that was accepted several weeks ago.  When I look at my portfolio in date accepted order, only one of my New York University Images displays.
Can someone help me.
Is Deepmeta a bad option for uploading?  is it best to upload directly on ESP?  If i upload on ESP can I copy/paste for similar images in a batch?
Im so upset.  This is driving me crazy.

Oh that sucks. That might have happen to me too then, but I'm too lazy to check. Anyway, please reply with what version of DeepMeta you are using and on which operating system. So whenever Franky sees this, he can track down the bug.

Try the Deep Meta thread on the iS forums. Franky is super-helpful. Firstly, as Charged suggested, check you have the most recent version of DM.

Maybe you can try to avoid istock...


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