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Thanks for the info.

Don't know what to think. Here for one year and my best selling agencies are SS, BS (very low commisions) and IS (just six months on IS but second one in sales and gonna beat SS soon). The problem is when you look into the IS commisions. Best money ones are SS, Alamy (few sales) and IS.

I think that the controlled vocabulary on IS is helping me, it is not an advantage to english native users. That's the reason to my increasing sales there, I think. I use to set the 49 keywords.

AS is not doing well to me, six times less than SS, close to DS in downloads and money. In fact I have less downloads and more money on DS.

I'm thinking in stop uploading to the small ones (BS, DP- almost dead-, and DS) to get bigger ports on SS, AS, IS and AL. Maybe for a huge unlimited amount of pictures (I shot really a lot when I travel) is the best option.

Anyway is useful to share all the stats.

Uncle Pete:
Just for information, I should have included this originally. These are screen shots from the Wayback Machine website. I couldn't find anything before 2012 or I would have included that.

Some months have a number of captures, some only two. The data isn't really scientific because, if I wanted to be fair, I should have used the same day of the same month for all years. That isn't available.

Also I picked Sept. as a generally average month. I wouldn't want January, June or July, as those can bet the lowest. I just picked one that had reports in all the years, except one. So I wouldn't call this scientific, or significant, but just for interest.


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