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Uncle Pete:
I tried to pick the same month, close to the same date, September. But 2013 is August and 2019 is Nov. Best I could do with limited data. FT is missing when AS bought them, but you can see the trend.

Bigstock 1.1 only 39 votes. DP 6.2 36 votes.

Mimi the Cat:
Its shocking to see how bad istock have become especially exclusive

But for me the saddest part is I have this year made less money than I did over any year since 2013 and most of those losses are purely down to the crappy cuts and deals these so-called agencies are doing.

Interesting....the conclusion I'd draw is that over the years there has been surprisingly little change in the overall order of things.

Uncle Pete:

--- Quote from: Pauws99 on December 21, 2019, 02:41 ---Interesting....the conclusion I'd draw is that over the years there has been surprisingly little change in the overall order of things.

--- End quote ---

True, except you see where AS passed IS, and how some have dropped a bit. Pond5 came from nowhere, while DT and BS have sunken to nowhere.  ;)

The most obvious conclusion for me was, how many agencies are not viable anymore, compared to the old times when someone could make $30 to $40 a month on each of the little ones. Not that $40 means much, but a year, that's $500 and times the number of small sites, Canstock on down, that could be $5,000 a year.

Now? The little ones maybe make $5 a month and using ten as an example, that's $500 a year.

But true, the major order with SS on top, IS near and Adobe/FT running close to each other, is pretty much the same big three, with AS taking over 2nd by growth.

Thanks for compiling and posting that useful chart, Pete.

It's especially interesting to me since I had only been "in stock" a few years at the time your chart begins. I started with IS in 2009 and added one new agency a year, so by 2012, when your chart begins, I'd been accepted by IS, SS, DT, and FT.

I dropped out of IS in 2011 when they started clobbering contributors' royalties.

Also dropped out of FT as part of the big boycott over the "Dollar Photo Club," but rejoined when Adobe took it over.

I added P5 and had pitifully few sales of stills, but since I started videos in 2017, that site's picking up for me.

Despite DT's drop over the years, I still make enough to keep my port there and continue uploading. (I don't promote my work on that site anywhere, however.)

In sum, SS, DT, FT/AD, and P5 are worthwhile for me. I'm not interested in any of the others.


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