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iStock was the best earner for me for the last 9 months, however recently for some unknown reason (I keep uploading) it started lagging and I had three decreasing months in a row. Still, it provides a solid payout every single month.

Shutterstock has been very "ebb and flow". If I upload I get a lot of dl's for about a week or two (2-4 downloads per month per picture in portfolio). Then down again to approximately 0.5-1 dl's/mo/pic. Still with a decent portfolio that's regular payouts.

Dreamstime has been ROCKING! It's not up to payout a month yet, but very close. It also gives the best per sale earning, although now that they have gone away with guest sales that is to fall (I had a lot of impulse referrals off my website).

Steady sales on Fotolia for a couple of months despite my folio growing fast. I think that's due to database dilution. Fotolia's been in the "arms race" to get to a million photos online and doubled in the last half year. So did my portfolio, but basically that means I get the same sales as before. They're marketing seems to be lagging miles behind they're database growth.

All else: peanuts. I've cashed out (unfortunately not regularly) out of few sites, but they are NOT major producers. Besides these four above, the other 5 I regularly upload to contribute 5% of my earnings. Yipee!

For me IStock continues to be in a race for 3rd with Bigstock. Dreamstime is way out front in terms of revenue, but at Shutterstock, I've sold 3 times the images. Says something about Dreamstime pricing. Problem is, DT slaced way off in June and Shutterstock will catch it soon in terms of revenue as well.

WEll I guess I am the only one here voting for Dreamstime.
So far so good they are the best for me :-)


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