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wow, i wonder what i am doing wrong. Why some people have istock as the higher earner. I have heard people say that too.  Perhaps it is just what types of customers peoples images appeal too...  :-\ ???

Istock for me as well, by a big margin.

This month averaging $2.55 a day with only 123 images.  Shutterstock is down at $1.2 / day with basically the same images give or take some differences in acceptances.  I've also got 77 images on Dreamstime and they've only done $0.58c/day.

I keep telling myself I'll get off my chuff and put some more stuff online, but it just trickles along at two or three images a week at the mo.  Not going to get rich this way, but it keeps me entertained.

I find my shutterstock sales really vary with when I upload. If i keep constantly uploading my average is really high, both on the new images and on my old images.  If i don't upload for a few weeks, the average drops quite a bit.

I think quite a few buyers sort the images by what is new, then see the new images people upload, then if they see what they like, possibly they click on their gallery, and download more of their images.

I agree with "leaf's" comment on the recent photos increase sales and in certain categories it's more apparent.  Beliieve it or not Nature/Flowers. 

iStock is a good place in regards of earnings. Average daily earnings for me is over 100 dollars.


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