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well I made it to 100 sales

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At DT ;D

Took 74 days. Put a post on the site to congrat myself but of course Nikutu closed it because it was the wrong thread.

foarte tÓmpit băiat

I am sure she said that

Congratulations, wow, that is fast, post a link to that image. I am far away from 100 Dls at DT. But 3 away from it at Istock with the one Leaf put on the top left corner :-) Guess which :-)

congrats :)

think it was this

love them penguins. few years ago i was to be the maintenance planner for the australian expedition base in antarctica. but i heard you had to volunteer to have your apendix removed if you wanted to go. so I pulled out. nobody going near me with a knife.


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