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Who Has the Best "Best Match" Search Engine?


iStockphoto has "Best Match"

Shutterstock has "Most Popular"

Dreamstime has "Relevancy"

Fotolia has "Pertinence"

BigStockphoto has "Search Match"

They all have different names, but they are all essentially algorithms that are trying to return the most relevant results when a buyer searches for images.

Which stock site do you believe returns the most relevant results when you search for images?

And why?

man that's a tough one...   I think my initial gut reaction would be one you don't have listed in the poll.   Lucky Oliver.  However out of the batch in the poll,  I personally feel most comfortable with DT's returns.

I dont use the search fucntion as i am only a seller.

Fotolias would probably be better if everyone ranked their top 7 keywords as I understand it rates an image higher if the search hits a kyword in the top 7.  Not sure if this works in practice though but I do make sure my new photos have the keyworkds sorted correctly.


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