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Probably most of you already know that in FT, there is a section called credit details, where you can click and find out who bought your image, yesterday i found out one of my least favorite image was used in a French Newsletter, too bad it's a PDF file, I can not show here, but here is the link:
the i van against Mount St Helens is my picture.

How do you find out other sites, I understand most sites don't give you the name of buyers, so for FT is a little strange, but goo to know who purchase your photos ;D

Got 63 views but no comments?

Maybe everyone else already figure it out how to find how your images are being used, i only had luck with FT where they show you the name of the buyer, all the other sites did not give out the buyer's identity, so very hard to trace your image, anybody else have any luck?

As far as I know, FT is the only site that does that. It seems most of my sales there are in Europe. Haven't found one yet.

FT? Is that Fotolia?

i have had luck finding my images by searching in google.  I just type my name in and then click on the images link.


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