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$28,000 for a single image

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Image Brief licenced for  $28,000 for a single image

Having a refund would suck really bad

'Having a refund would suck really bad'

that would be alamy lol!

Sean Locke Photography:
As I read most of the imageBriefs, I think they are mostly asking for custom shoot, merely by how specific the requests are.  There are a lot that are like "so and so place at Christmas", but there are a lot with certain people in certain locales doing a certain thing, composed a certain way.

My single biggest license was just short of $16,000. I was fairly new to stock photography at the time and figured I was going to be rich. It never happened again.

Sean, I know several photographers who shoot to spec for IB. Where an image isn't shortlisted or selected it goes off to stock..


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