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Any experience with Tetra Images?


Does anybody know Tetra Images? Any experience with them? They seem to be selling RF.

Does anybody have any information whatsoever about Tetra Images?

Never heard of them before.
Read the rules for contributors.

Got a little confused by "finished files must be 50mb JPG files".  50 MB ?

Wow, thatīs a lot..... And exactly 50MB not more or less?

You can always do some research on your own?
Looks like they're associated with Getty. 🤔

Thank you for your replies. Yes, they are not that "visible", that's why I was curious of any contributor experience of this agency. Like, what type of content do they accept, what type of content do they sell (and do they sell), what are contributor earnings, are there any hidden traps, etc.

A lot of agencies are after "lifestyle" - technically low quality photos of people representing minorities making weird faces and poses. I was hoping to find an agency that is NOT into that nonsense, but I guess that's impossible right now.


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