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Anyone on Agefotostock?

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Don't expect big money!  :)

Travel Photographer


--- Quote from: stefano on July 29, 2012, 04:04 ---Don't expect big money!  :)

Travel Photographer

--- End quote ---

I wasn't - and was pleasantly surprised. Sold my first two images last month, one through their European (Spanish) main agency, one through the American office. Each brought in about 15 Euros, and one of them was a "Low Budget Royalty Free" image. That is not bad for micro!

I sell plenty of RF at Age and for good money. Secret with Age is, its got to be commercial, conceptual or else its hard. They have some very big customers.

i remember one needs to mail them a copy of contract with signature instead of apply online, is it still the same way?

I am with Age.  I sell under RM and RF licenses.  I don't sell under the Budget RF or the Video scheme.

If you are selling through Age directly, then go through the posts on their forum through Yammer.  Alfonso (the CEO) comments regularly on everything from what is selling, what isn't selling, what they would like to add to the collection, what Getty is accepting through their distribution partnership, etc.

One thing you will note -

In April of this year, one image was licensed for $10,000.  This was an RM image that was very generic.
Alfonso has mentioned on multiple occasions that RF sales are declining and RM sales are increasing.


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