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Anyone on Agefotostock?

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I have been with agefotostock now for over a year, I was told it has similar sales as Alamy, but to date I have had ZERO sales at Age as compared to some pretty good sales at Alamy....has anyone had sales at Age.  Wondering if it is worth the effort to continue uploading.

I have had some sales there.. Not the quantity like Alamy though.. Depends on what you shoot.. They are pretty commercial, if you shoot creative commercial style people shots you should be able to get some sales there..

In my first year on AGE Fotostock I was not able to sale any photo, then sales came out regularly. My current portfolio on AGE is about 600 pics.


They ask to Download form (of types of membership you want) and send initial sample images to their office address. I dont get it. How do they accept them- Online or by post ?

I'm with them through zoonar but I've given up bothering uploading to Zoorar as virtually no sales there.


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