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Getty to retire RM and move completely to RF

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Just got this in the mail some time back. Seems the champion of RM has fallen

Continued success of royalty‑free licensing and our plans for a phased retirement of rights‑managed creative images


Over the years, customers’ needs have changed. Complicated licensing models create friction and customers demand simplicity—they want the most simple and most flexible access to relevant, authentic imagery.

Royalty‑free (RF) imagery is now the preferred and dominant licensing model for our customers ­due to the simplicity, value and quality available. Licensing complexity has only led customers to other content, and in many cases, another provider as the broader industry is now essentially an RF‑only model.

We conducted extensive customer research and testing on RF versus rights‑managed (RM), including Market Freeze. We have confidently concluded that the RM creative image licensing model no longer meets our customers’ needs, especially given the flexibility demanded by digital marketing and the increasing reuse of imagery, and it actually reduces our overall competitiveness.

As a result, we plan to simplify our product offering through a phased retirement of RM creative images, moving to an RF‑only creative images offering during 2020. This will benefit customers and provide an opportunity to grow overall licensing volume and revenue for both Getty Images and our contributors:

When a customer uses, they will have only one simple licensing model (RF) which contains all of our creative images.

Images appearing in customers' search results will be the most relevant—no longer will the results include RM, regardless of relevance—opening up more search exposure for creative RF.

Our customers will be able to focus on the one thing that matters to them—finding authentic quality content that connects with their target audience.

We see this fundamental change in our business model as key to furthering our growth and increasing the accessibility of amazing content to new customers and new markets.  

Your RM creative images
By the end of January 2020, your RM images will be removed from single image licensing (sometimes called à la carte) on Customers will still be able to complete renewals and purchase RM creative images for at least the following 30 days after that. Premium Access customers will still be able to access RM images until November 6, 2020.

When RM is fully retired, you will be able to distribute your RM images as you wish, with the exception that you must not license any RM images (or similars) in a way that conflicts with any active, unexpired exclusive licenses. We will contact you again in November 2020 to confirm that RM has been fully retired and provide a report detailing such licenses.

We will stop accepting new RM creative images on November 6, 2019 at 11:59pm CET/ 10:59pm GMT/ 5:59pm EST/ 2:59pm PST. You can find out more in our FAQs, below.

RF opportunity
We encourage you to grow your RF portfolio with new fresh imagery to meet current customer demands, which you can do under your existing agreement.

For guidance and inspiration, you can review our creative briefs, which identify the most needed subjects for our customers and enable you to respond to gaps in our RF collection. Our briefs reflect the research of our industry‑leading Creative Insight team, including market trends and customer licensing data, and are available on the Contributor Community Website and our Contributor app.

If you have any questions or need to contact us, please refer to the frequently asked questions below and regularly updated in our online contributor forums on the Contributor Community website.

Best wishes,


Paul Banwell
Senior Director, Contributor Relations

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Thanx for sharing!
"...more search exposure for creative RF"  ;D ;D ;D

Next step : "Continued success of completely‑free licensing..."?
Customers’ needs will change again, they will need FREE

Googleized "royalty free images".
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3 -
4 -
There goes the market

That’s the beginning of the end for Getty, as RM people realize they can make more by spreading their work around.

The writing has been on the wall for a long time...just that some contributors chose to ignore the market reality.

the big problem, is that rm is completely dying , so what will left for those artist who sold very high quality rm so far? simply inundate rf market, micro stock and all with exceptional quality images, so diluting even more the earning per image and per authors. unfortunately we won't see the truth, that this is a business ended in 2016, who probably can still give money for some years.


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