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I believe in quality.

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A good portfolio makes good money, a bad portfolio goes empty. A bad portfolio means out-dated images which do not meet the demand of the market. The consequence would be, produce better images or leave the business and not to waste valuable time with complaints, petitions or weird accusations.

Meh. I'm always amazed at the images people license. Some of the stuff I was embarrassed to upload went on to become my best selling images.

And it doesn't matter how amazing your work is if you're being paid two cents for it.

Up with complaints and petitions!

Some of my best sellers are 10 years old and would never ever get appoved nowadays. In their time they were quality images but I wouldn't even try to upload them anywhere now.

Same experience here... many shots we wouldn't upload any more sell better than many others where we invest many time and knowledge.

This is business not art "good" means sells. Not artistic, technically difficult or expensive to produce. Although as has been said by others  I can find little pattern in what sells....that's why I'm not very successful.


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