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Semmick Photo:
We’ve reached a watershed moment here at ImageBrief. Next week we’ll be launching a brand new product called MyMarketplace. This will allow photographers to upload their best photographs and have them searchable for instant purchase by buyers. We'll be rolling out this brand new revenue stream to our Founding Premium Members first, all of whom will keep 100% of the fee on any images they sell! You can join them here.

Founding Premium Memberships are on offer for a limited time— once filled, new Premium Members will pay standard commission on image sales. As an Approved ImageBrief Photographer, now is truly the best time to become a Premium Member to start selling images through MyMarketplace and being contactable for assignment work in our Find a Pro directory.

Founding Premium Member Benefits
•   NEW Earn income without submitting to briefs each time
•   NEW Unlimited auto-tagging of every image
•   Keep 100% of image sales via MyMarketplace & briefs
•   Promote yourself directly to buyers on image & assignment briefs
•   Get found first and win assignments via photographer search
•   Be part of an exclusive group of ImageBrief’s photographer community
•   Promotion to our network of top ad agencies, brands, and publishers
•   One-on-one portfolio review

Join now and you'll be first on the invite list for MyMarketplace access

60 euro per month, 499 per year.

What do they mean by "Be part of an exclusive group of ImageBrief’s photographer community", exclusive as in great or as in only on imagebrief?

Exclusive as in one of the few who keeps 100% commission from sales.
$499 pa to play, or $60 pcm. Big punt. Had it been $25 pcm then maybe but $499 is not a small number to place on a bet

Semmick Photo:
I think exclusive as in premium members

What are your thoughts Ron? I seem to recall you being a big advocate when you first registered with them - will you be joining?


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